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  • Web Video Marketing – best and fastest way to market your practice for new patients!
  • Patient Referrals – The Top Practices utilize video testimonials. Your patients will do the sellnig for you!
  • Patients Love Video – 89 million people in the US will watch 1.2 Billion online videos today!
Videos allow viewers to experience, feel and emotionally involve themselves with your practice, doctors and your products or services. That’s precisely why video is such an effective persuasion tool.

Online Web Video is undoubtedly the best way to present an idea, inform your patients of a new provider or service for your practice, educate them on a new technique or show them a happy patient testimonial will get your practice’s message across in an entertaining way.

Your practice can use video to promote just about anything that you’re selling. Since video can be used both online and off, video presentations are a great way to present your practice, your product or yourself in a professional way.

The most effective videos for your practice are ones that cause viewers to take action. That action may be to sign up as a new patient, refer your practice to a friend or order a product from your website. The Doctors Marketing Source will even assist you in creating a free report that will allow you to get a potential patients name, email and cell phone number to keep in constant contact with them and even send them coupons for services directly to their phone.

Search Engines Love Videos from your practice.

The third most popular website on the web today is YouTube, and it only makes sense to tap into this huge market. The search engines provide page one listing to videos on many keyword search terms. Practice websites that provide videos also rank higher for local searches. When you provide a video that shows the details and demonstrates the benefits of a procedure, a physician or a specific product or service, you can attract a great deal of website traffic.