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  • PRINCIPLE BASED MARKETING At the core, every business is the same. You desire to have greater reach and visibility; you desire to create stronger customer retention & loyalty; you care about what others say about your business, therefore reputation is important; and you hope your customers tell others about your business through referral marketing.
  • A PERSONALIZED APPROACH We take a personalized approach to creating strategic marketing systems that best help you achieve your desired result. Never will we prescribe a ‘cookie cutter’ solution that does not speak to the everyday challenges you face in your business. Our aim is to craft plan to maximize and optimize your growth potential.
  • REPUTATION It’s never been easier for prospects and customers to talk about & find information of what others think about your business. 74% of U.S consumers choose to do business with based on online feedback. Managing your reputation is vital to not only attract new customers, but to sustain your audience.
  • REACH Its important more people know about your business today than yesterday. We help you create visibility and exposure strategies that consistently puts your business in the prime position to attract new customers.
  • RESELL Attracting a new customer/client is only the first step. Your goal is to ensure you maximize the lifetime value of that customers. This means increasing the overall dollar value and frequency of customer purchase. We help you create custom loyalty programs to not only improve customer loyalty, but also increase the LTV (life time value) of a customer.
  • REFERRAL The best form of marketing is word of mouth. You desire for satisfied customers to tell others about your business correct? The best thing you can do is to set up systems to maximize the overall customer benefit in essence allowing your customers to to the marketing for you. According to the Harvard Business Review, referred customers are, on average, 18% more likely than others to stay with a company, and they generate 16% more in profits!
4R System for Practices