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Reputation Marketing and Local Search Results

So how important is your Reputation, that of your practrice and yourself to your Local SEO? What I mean by that is how important is it for you to have a constant stream of new patients coming into your practice? If you are like most I would say that is the #1 Priority in your practice. There are some deeper priorities such as processes in the practice but if you dont’ have new patients, you don’t have a way to test and espeically stress those processes. Nowadays, even with the Facebook Terms of Service isssue going on everyone thinks that […]
startup funds

Have you ever wanted to raise starup funds for your practice?

See the 7 Questions You Need Answers to Before Soliciting Startup Funds Raising startup funds for a medical practice can be tough enough, so don’t compound the difficulty by not having a clear understanding of exactly what you need and want for your endeavor. This means asking yourself the hard questions that you’ll definitely need answers to before one check is written. Rather than dive into the process floundering, it’s helpful to at least know what some of these questions you need answers for are, if for nothing else than to help you get serious about your responses. 7 Questions […]
Linkedin Marketing

How to Publish Effectively on LinkedIn for your Practice

See Why Publishing on LinkedIn is Great Idea Okay, all of you who have published on LinkedIn raise your virtual hands… That’s what I thought. Very few consider it when choosing where to publish content, and in point of fact, that’s a big mistake. Now that the platform is open to all LinkedIn users, we need to reset our minds to think about how LinkedIn can work well for us. Simply put, LinkedIn is a powerhouse goldmine for content marketers who figure out how to mine it judiciously. Just in case you need any convincing, we’ve compiled 5 great reasons […]