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Pay Per Click (PPC) refers to advertising where the advertiser only pays for patients that click on their ad and visit their website. You will typically see this on the top or the right hand side of a Google Search Page. This is different from traditional advertising (print, radio and TV) where the practice pays for impressions of their ad. Search engines like Google and Bing allow practice owners to run PPC ads on their search engine results page. The search engines allow practice owners precise control over the keywords where the ads show as well as the ad copy, location of the searcher and bid for each click. Google’s PPC services is called Adwords and Bing’s service is called Adcenter. Other large online advertisers like Facebook have PPC advertising services as well. Similar to SEO, placing PPC ads on the search engine results page allows advertisers to show their ad to prospective patients who have expressed interest in related keyword or keywords. This means that PPC clicks have a higher intent to need your product or service than many other forms of advertising.

In addition to ads on the search engine results page, Google Adwords has extended their PPC products to allow advertisers to place display (banner) ads on websites that are relevant to their topic or to retarget people who have already visited the practice’s website. While the intent to purchase may be lower for someone reading a related website, the average cost per click is typically lower than average cost per click for ads on the Google search network.

PPC Management Program Foundational Elements for Practices:

● We offer recommendations for Keywords, Ad Copy, Budget and Other Settings – We research the keywords that your prospects (potential new patients) use when looking for your practice. We then write ads that your prospects click when visiting your website. We can help you determine the optimal budget to be competitive in your category.

● Day-Parting most importantly Geo-Targeting and other Engine Optimizations – the search engines have different options for targeting your ads. If your practice is only open during certain hours or you only serve specific markets, we can help you setup your campaign to target your ideal patients.

● Ongoing Review and Adjustment of your Practices Campaign – Our system receives a daily data feed from the major paid search providers. We analyzes the data against the goals we have established for the practices campaign. If the campaign is out of compliance it alerts our account managers who can fix the campaign.

● Ongoing Keyword Review and PPC Experiment – We will use standard direct response methodologies to test new ad copy against the existing control to improve traffic and conversion rates. We will also look for new keywords that might bring qualified traffic to your practices site.