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Reputation Marketing and Local Search Results

So how important is your Reputation, that of your practrice and yourself to your Local SEO? What I mean by that is how important is it for you to have a constant stream of new patients coming into your practice? If you are like most I would say that is the #1 Priority in your practice.

There are some deeper priorities such as processes in the practice but if you dont’ have new patients, you don’t have a way to test and espeically stress those processes.

Nowadays, even with the Facebook Terms of Service isssue going on everyone thinks that “it” meaning Facebook and the Ads algorithym is the best way to serve new patients up. Well, that may be true and I certainly offer that up for our clients.

The true Golden Pearl of the online world and the success of your practices stems from… Is your practice found on Page 1 of Google when someone searches for “product/service + city.” Example being, “chiropractor naperville.” If you are a flower shop or a chiropractor and someone searches for your industry online and you are NOT found – you are NOT relevant and you are NOT getting a consistent flow of new patients through your doors.

Well, I covered 5 key steps on how you can improve upon that for your practice in a recent podcast I did with Dr. Joshua Eldridge of ChiroPracticePro.

Give it a listen here: ChiroPracticePro Podcast Episode #6

We spoke about using Reputation Marketing to help you Own Local Search. Great episode and there is some killer content to help you build and grow your practice and it’s reputation starting this week. I’d love to hear what you think about it.

Dr. Eldridge also offers a great PDF Handout of The 5 Ways To ROCK Local Search Results. Give it a listen and of course L.I.K.E. it and S.H.A.R.E. it.

If you have any questions shoot them my way.

Again, give it a listen and be sure to let us know what you think:

Have a fantastic week and go make a difference in your community today!


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