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7 Example Subject Lines that Get Your Practice Emails Opened

Want More of Your Emails Opened? Try These 7 Subject Line Types

It’s a proven fact that emails that don’t get opened never get acted upon. Now that we’ve had our daily thought from Capt. Obvious, it’s time to really look at what types of email subject lines can result in higher open rates and subsequently, more actions taken on your offers and content for your clients.

We’ve identified 7 of the most opened subject line types, and let me begin by telling you what’s not on the list as much as a must do: clickbait. You’ve seen these subject lines; that begin with a cleverly worded promise that is iffy in veracity and generally causes distrust. The words “Secrets” and “Shocking” are often found in these.

7 Email subject lines that consistently get higher open rates for your practice!

Emphasize Benefits: You need to tell the reader what they get out of this: everyone wants to know this. Injecting a solid benefit in your subject line, usually with an implied promise of some kind will work wonders for your open rates. One example could be “Create a beautiful smile in less than 30 days!”

Ask Questions: By doing so you’re begging a response that often gets answered by them opening the email to find the answer. “Do you really have time to do all this work yourself?”

Use How-To lines: Frequently these subject lines work well, due to the fact the information you’re presenting is something they wanted to know, but have thus far been unable to discover for themselves. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know “How to whip up a Chocolate Mousse in 3 Minutes and 25 Seconds!”

Targeted your audience: Knowing exactly who you are talking to helps increase open rates by hitting the particular interests they have. “Only open if you’re a frequent traveler tired of all the standing in lines!”

Use Lists and Tips: Providing quick research for people is a proven winner, and will get you great open rates. “7 Tips and Tricks for Ditching Those Pesky 10 lbs”

Employ Superlatives: The words “Fastest”, “Easiest” and “Best” when injected into your subject lines are enticing for those who want the info but haven’t the time or know-how to search for it.

Give Answers: One of the most consistently opened subject lines are those that pose questions. “7 Reasons Why It’s Your Couch’s Fault You’re Overweight!”

Try using some of these types of subject lines and see your open rates soar!


Getting Your Practice Emails Opened

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