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10 LinkedIn Tips You Want to Know For Your Medical Spa

10 LinkedIn Tips You Want to Know For Your Medical Spa!

Just knowing that LinkedIn is one of the top social networks out there for business professionals (like your Medical Sap) will get you no closer to making great use of the platform than if you never heard of it. To put it simply, LinkedIn can be a terrific source for new leads and clients and to promote your medical spa in a professional social media setting, but only if you understand how to get past the casual user level.  In fact, many of LinkedIn’s best features are not available to the dilettante, so making sure you dive in with both feet into LinkedIn is paramount.

To help you with that, here are 10 awesome LinkedIn tips to get you started.

10 LinkedIn Tips to Maximize Your Reach

Optimize your URL – Take a minute and change your LinkedIn URL to coincide with your Medical Spa’s name or online handle. Be consistent with other social properties if possible.

Put a LinkedIn Profile Badge on your site – An easy task to do and a nifty tool for increasing connections and site authority. Pick from a few different designs.

Be sure to optimize your page – Complete and make the most of all the features you can when it comes to your company page. You definitely want to make a brand statement.

Get skill endorsements – List your skills when you complete your profile, as many of your connections will not hesitate to make the one + click needed to give you an endorsement.

Utilize your LinkedIn Groups – Joining and contributing to LinkedIn groups provides you with a couple of great advantages. This gives you the ability to send messages to members of the group who you are not level one connected with, along with the ability to view profiles.

Create Showcase Pages – Since LinkedIn got rid of the Products & Services tab, you’ll want to use Showcase Pages to promote products and services directly.

Directly Email your LinkedIn Group – Known as LinkedIn Announcements, you can mail all the members of your LinkedIn group once per week.

Use Saved Searches – Were you aware that you can save your searches on LinkedIn and they will automatically send new leads to you based on what your search criteria is? Very cool.

Ask for Introductions – Find someone connected to one of your connections that you’d like to connect with? Simply ask them for an introduction, or permission to say that you two are connected. This is very effective and can help you get great connections you might otherwise not be able to.

Reorder Your Skills – Edit your skills to focus on the ones you’d most like to be known for, in addition to clearing the widget of the endorsements that have no picture. You might as well have it look good, right?


Linkedin Marketing for Your Medical Spa

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